Recent Calls
Mon. Jun 27th 2016
At 7:08am, we were alerted to assist Evans City VFC with a structure fire on South Washington Street.  Chief 19 and Engi...
Thu. May 19th 2016
This morning, Callery VFC was alerted to assist at a scene of a motor vehicle crash.  Upon arrival, E19 found E42 crew s...
Tue. May 17th 2016
This afternoon, Callery VFC was requested to assist Harmony Fire District at the scene of a working garage fire.  Engine...
Mon. Apr 18th 2016
Callery VFC requested to assist Evans City VFD at the scene of a brush fire.  Brush 19 and Tanker 19 responded.  Up...
Sat. Apr 16th 2016
Callery VFC requested to assist Harmony Fire District at the scene of a brush/woods fire on Schar Road.  Brush 19 a...
News Headlines
Tue. Mar 6th 2018
2018 CALLERY VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANYPURSE AND CASH BASH!!!!SATURDAY, June 23, 2018179 Main St. Callery Pa 16024Doors...
Wed. Apr 27th 2016
Last evening, the members of Callery VFC completed yearly brush fire training.  The topics included creating fire lines,... Managed web hosting for Fire/EMS

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Recent Calls